Tech related questions.

How does Southern Tier Wireless internet work?

We have fixed wireless radios on several towers in 4 different counties. These radios send out a wireless signal to the coverage area. The radio antenna that is installed on the customers property picks up this signal. The tech runs one single cable from the radio outside the house to the inside, where it will connect to a router. This signal is then broadcasted from the router, also known as WIFI, to connect the surrounding WIFI capable devices to internet.

Do you provide unlimited data?

Yes! Each service package has unlimited data with no extra cost or hidden fees.

Can I get service in my area?

Visit our website’s home page and click on “Get Started”. Fill out the information section with the correct address, phone number, email, and referral. Our tech department will review the info for coverage and contact you later with the review.

Why do I want high speed internet if I have cable?

Not only will you be saving money by switching to high speed internet, but you will have more freedom to access and stream your favorite channels. Most common channels you watch are now offered by streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon which are affordable and use a High-speed internet connection. Another fact that differs us from other companies, is that we offer no fee suspension programs and no cancellation fees.

Here is a comparison chart:

DOWNLOAD 1-100 MBPS 1.5 MBPS 5-15 MBPS 2-15 MBPS

Account and billing related questions:

I have auto-pay and my card didn’t process. What do I do?

Visit our website and click on account login. Once you are logged into your account, go to update my billing information to review and verify your credit card info. The declined payment will need to be processed manually, autopay will not resume until the next billing cycle.

How do I get my monthly bill?

The invoice is sent out through email on the first of every month.
Please make sure the correct email address is used at time of install to insure a smooth start to the billing process.
Paper billing is available for an additional fee of $3.00 dollars per month.

How do I cancel or suspend the Service?

A customer will need to submit in writing a disconnection letter/email stating their account number and when they need the service cancelled. We will need all balances paid in full before the date of disconnect. The customer service department will follow up and coordinate with the customer on a date and time for the STW equipment pick up.
An email or call will need to be made to customer service department within 24 hours of suspension or reactivation of the customer’s account. There is no fee applied during the time of suspension.

I recently moved and I want to keep the service?

Visit our website and click on “Get Started”. Fill in the new information and write in the comments section that you are moving to a new area and want to keep our service.
Call customer service if you have more questions.

I referred a customer. How do I get a credit?

To ensure you received a credit, please make sure that the person you refer gives us your name when they set up their installation. Then once they are installed and the account is activated the credit will be applied and a confirmation email will be sent to the referee.